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great program, would recommend to anyone. if only 17 individuals are complaining that's not bad as both windows and mac have thousands more complaints. i think those who downloaded and tried it thought they were getting something for nothing. as as as as as as as as as as as as as as as as as as as as as as as as as as as as as as as as as as as as as as as as as as as as as as as as as as as as as as as as as as as as as as as Read more

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they put spyware on our computer, hacked into the bank accounts and printed themselves checks. Do not use these criminals.then they call a few months later and try to get more out of you. the say this program is not compatible with windows 10 ,and they get you again. they are crooks and criminals and some one should shut them down.and I have to leave a review of 100 words, so my final words are: criminals,criminals,criminals, criminals,... Read more

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"Renewing" (charging me) for another year without warning me is rude, deceitful, and dishonest. I resent it! Read more

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This is my first reviewever on a company. I purchased today their "software".They tried to upsell me with some other stuff because somehow they knew in advance(w/o diagnostics that my computer may have issues above their softwares abilities to fix, and pushed me to pay them to fix it. i was careless to allow them to access my computer for installation support and ,as the previous IT Guy stated thats exactly what happened to me . My computer... Read more

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After purchasing program from MyFaster PC, my computer completely stopped working within 2 months. I had to buy a new computer and completely forgot about MyFAsterPC, until last week. They sent me an email informing me they had taken money from my account and renewed the service. This is the first time I had even thought about these idiots since last year. I call, they never answer the phone, I email, they never respond. I suppose they will... Read more

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I downloaded McAfee & it disappeared from my computer 2 days later. I contacted them & they downloaded it again. Well, this time, my computer started acting funny right away. I called McAfee, but got instead, but didn't know it. They all come from India. They have an accent. I let them check my computer, thinking it was McAfee. They said-look at ur error messages. Some are way back from last fall. I said WHAT! No... Read more

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My Faster pc company is fraud, they are very rud they do what they want with your computer, steal all your information. After i got my faster pc they wanted more money to fix my computer, so i first payed 36.90 then they wanted 249.00 to fix my problem and still not fixed. and it supose to be a free trail. all i can say dont trust this company, I belive is fraud and out of the UNITED STATES, so please all beware. hope that some one will step... Read more

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This company sent me to a phone help company out of India and the tech was nice but my computer is so much slower and pop ups are now a real problem I complained and asked them to contact me and no responce. I am older and could not afford the yearly fee so they gave me a one time "deal" Id like to get my money back so I can take my computer to a person who can fix it. I dont know what else to do but complain about them as they do not seem to... Read more

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It has made my computer run slower and Im getting mor popups My computer ran better before the tech got into it. I could not afford the yearly program and was suppose to get it cleaned on a one time basis but I do not think a good job was done. Its slow I get a white screen when I try to log on to many sites not happy with results at all. Tech was informative and nice but I do not think the job was a succuss andI now have to find a way to fix it... Read more

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